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52 Poetry: Week Four

Good News About the Earth by Lucille Clifton

At the end of week four, there is something that I learned: I don’t have to like all of Clifton to love Clifton. All her poems do not speak to me. All her poems do not make sense to me. Some of her poems don’t jump, but merely lay flat on the page.

And that’s okay.

The good among the great:

But alas! The poem that really sealed the deal, the poem that continues to be the poem, and one of the first poems of Clifton’s that I ever read (in graduate school) — that poem is in Good News About the Earth:



Sidenote: This is week seven and I am just now posting this. The posts don’t matter as much as the reading. But this is week seven and I haven’t finished reading the book (next) for week five. So, you can see my commitment waning.

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